University of Michigan


Fleming Business Services, which is part of the University of Michigan’s Finance Division, provides a number of U-M executive offices—located at the Fleming Administration Building—with a variety of administrative services, ranging from annual budget preparation to PO and invoice management.

A shared services model allows organizations to combine certain administrative functions that departments—within that organization—were individually performing into a new unit called a Shared Services Center. By increasing the scale of service, costs can be reduced and a much higher level of customer service can be provided.

Fleming Business Services has a relentless focus on achieving efficiencies, improving standardization practices, and providing an exemplary level of customer service.

In addition, customers are very engaged with Fleming Business Services through the development of specific performance metrics and/or service level agreements, which are called Partnership Agreements.

This collaborative and inclusive way of doing business allows Fleming Business Services to connect with its customers and exceed their expectations.

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