University of Michigan


Where is Fleming Business Services located?
The Fleming Business Services Team is located on the sixth floor of Wolverine Tower. Being in one area allows the team to serve its customers at Fleming much better than being spread across multiple locations. This also enables team members to collaborate with each other more easily and work collectively to meet customers’ needs.

What types of administrative services does Fleming Business Services provide to its customers?
We provide a wide variety of services related to finance, human resources, and procurement, including:

  • Annual budget preparation
  • Monthly SOA reconciliation
  • Internal controls/annual certification
  • Financial reports/forecasting
  • Guidance through HR transactions
  • PO and invoice management

What Executive Offices at the University of Michigan does Fleming Business Services Support?
Fleming Business Services supports the offices of the:

  • President
  • Vice President for Global Communications and Strategic Initiatives
  • Vice President and General Counsel
  • Vice President for Government Relations
  • Vice President and Secretary

How is the Fleming Business Services Team organized?
The six-person Fleming Business Services Team is organized by area of expertise, so it has appropriate coverage to meet all customer needs. Beyond that, some of the team members are cross trained to fill in when others are absent or when experiencing a high volume of work. In addition to the administrative services it currently provides, the team is focused on raising the bar in the quality of analysis and reporting to improve decision support for the executive offices it supports.

How can I contact the Fleming Business Services Team?
By email, at