University of Michigan

FY 2017 Budget – Important Dates

For Fiscal-Year 2016-17 General Fund Budget

Timeframe                              Activity

October 5, 2015                   Budget planning process letter distributed to units

October, 2015                      Financial planning parameters and instructions distributed to units

November 2, 2015               FY 16 Quarterly Financial Report (Q1) due

December-January             Budget narrative and financial projection template due

January – February             Budget conferences

May 1, 2016                           Revised financial projection template (Q3) due

May 15, 2016                          Preliminary Budget Allocation Reports distributed to units

June 16, 2016                         Regents Meeting

June 17, 2016                          Final Budget Allocation Reports distributed to units

July 18, 2016                           Budget distribution for load to financial system due from units

August 1, 2016                        Final revised financial projection template (Q4) due


Red:     Unit assignment

Blue:    Provost/Budget & Planning assignment


Reminder:  The deadline for submitting General Fund capital project needs estimated at $5M or higher to the Provost’s Office is September 15th.  For information about the capital projects process, please contact Frances Mueller at 763.5942 or