University of Michigan

Invoice & PCard Requirements

The following information is required to process either an invoice or Pcard transaction. In the case of Pcard transactions, this applies to those receipts that Fleming Business Services is processing and preparing for the Pcard expense report.

  • Department/ID
  • Shortcode
  • Business Purpose
  • Special Request
    - “Rush Payment”
    - “Do Not Mail Check” (indicate name of person who will pickup the check at Payroll)
  • Approval Signature
  • List Attendees (if hosting—include affiliation and title)


  • Provide a copy of the contract (if applicable). This will allow us to determine that we are processing a payment based on the agreed upon payment terms (ex. Net 10 days of receipt, contract payments not to exceed $100K, etc).
  • In the case of invoices that require payment—the invoice is processed by Fleming Business Services within 24 hours of receipt and submitted to Accounts Payable for payment. The university policy is that all invoices are paid within 30 days of receipt by Accounts Payable. If there is a need to “rush” payment this should be noted in the section labeled “Special Requests” that is written on the invoice by the person submitting the invoice.


  • Provide the information listed above on all receipts.
  • Student/Non-employee reimbursement requires Social Security # and telephone number.
  • All receipts are to be submitted to Fleming Business Services within 24 hours of obtaining the receipt.


  • Unit to submit electronic copies of expense receipts and per diem for inclusion in monthly Concur reports.




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NOTE 1:  A “Substitute W-9” will need to be completed if you are submitting an invoice for a vendor that the university has not recently conducted business.  FSS can access the vendor maintenance system (VMS) to compare information on the invoice with data in the VMS.  If this differs FSS will contact vendor.  Once the vendor submits the accurately completed W-9 form and it is entered and accepted in the VMS,  the invoice will be processed within 24 hours.

NOTE 2:  OOP refers to staff requesting reimbursement for those transactions that were paid by their personal funds.